Foodie dress ~ Robe bouffonne


cleancutgoutchic balmain dress balenciaga bag burberry sandals

Cette robe est certainement le meilleur vetement que j’ai emmene avec moi au Cameroun allons savoir pourquoi. Beh tout simplement parceque sa coupe large permet de bouffer sans se poser de questions et parlant bouffe a Yaounde j’ai redecouvert les saveurs des aliments organiques mes papilles gustatives se sont regalees tout est si frais et et si bon je salive encore en regardant ces photos…

breakfast in Cameroon

This dress has got to be the best clothing item i took with me when going to Cameroon go figure why. Well simply because its loose fitting design allowed me to eat without having a worry in the world and talking of eating i rediscovered the flavor of organic food  my taste bud had a ball because everything is so fresh and tasty i still salivate looking a these pictures…

studded collar dres

African buffet

fish up close

Balenciaga stripe city bag

papya & lemon


nibling time plantain chips peanuts & coconut

clean cut gout chic in Balmain

dress/robe: made out of Pierre Balmain dinner shirt for men ~ Fait a partir d’une chemise Homme Pierre Balmain

bag/sac: Balenciaga

sandals: Burberry

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  1. Oohh I love that studded collar on your shirt!!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  2. Amazing look!!

  3. Wow! LOOVE this look! So gorg! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls