Golden Statue ~ Statue Doree

cleancutgoutchic golden statue

I’ve professed my love for brown before and it comes as no surprise then that these golden metallic brown trousers from Burberry are one of my fave pair of trousers i own. They give me a statuesque physique that i cant help but love and fit amazingly well. I actually wonder how come it’s only the first time i feature them here on the blog despite having been in my closet for a good few years. Maybe it has to do with the fact that their fitted waist means i only pull them out on my skinny days which needless to say are scarce. So your thoughts on this golden statue?

clean cut gout chic golden metallic brown Burberry trousers

J’ai deja avoue mon amour du marron et ce n’est donc pas une surprise que ce pantalon dore metallique marron de Burberry soit l’un de mes pantalons preferes. Il me donne un physique statuesque que je ne peux qu’adorer et il me va super bien. Je me demande d’ailleurs pourquoi ce n’est que la premiere fois que je le mette ici sur le blog alors que ca fait quelques annees deja qu’il est dans ma penderie. Peut-etre c’est le fait que sa taille pres du corps veut dire que je ne peux le porter que les jours ou je suis fine qui bien evidemment sont rares. Alors vos avis sur cette statue doree?

clean cut gout chic leopard Oasis top Missoni shades


clean cut gout chic Gucci monogram canvas bag


Burberry wide leg high waisted golden brown metallic trousers pants


clean cut gout chic statue doree


cleancutgoutchic Burberry golden staue doree


clean cut gout chic pantalon dore metallique Burberry


top/haut: Oasis

trousers/pantalon: Burberry

shoes/escarpins: Moda in Pelle

bag/sac: Gucci

shades/lunettes: Missoni

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  1. Nicoletta italian blogger says:
  2. Your pants are simply amazing!!! shiny bronze color is perfect and line is fabulous!
    I really love them!

  3. Those pants are a major home run. They fit you like a glove!

  4. Blazyfashion says:

    Sis u look hot! Can’t believe i’m just seeing this! The pants are uber glam!